Founding partner


Jean-Pierre Blatter has been an attorney at the Paris Bar since 1971, after obtaining a Master’s degree in public law and a postgraduate diploma in private law from the Paris Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences (Faculté de droit et de sciences économiques de Paris, now Paris II – Panthéon Assas).

Admitted to the Paris Bar just after the merger of the professions of lawyer and avoué de première instance (a lawyer dedicated to pleadings and procedures in the court of first instance) he furthered his mastery of the intricacies of civil procedure by participating in the necessary training of his colleagues in this new discipline.

He is a Doctor of Law, former Associate University Professor (professeur des Universités associé), Honorary Professor at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (ICH- Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers), specialist in real estate law, Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS), Scientific Director of “Legal News on Real Estate Law” (AJDI- Actualité Juridique Droit Immobilier) since 1994 and Director of the “Lease Agreements” (Bail à loyer) Juris-classeur since 1987.

Jean-Pierre Blatter is registered on the list of arbitrators of the Arbitration and Mediation Chamber for Real Estate Disputes (CAMI- Chambre d’arbitrage et de médiation des litiges de l’immobilier).

He represents clients throughout the year in Paris, as well as in various French regions and overseas territories.

   Once laws are drafted, they remain as they were written. Men, on the other hand, never stand still ; they act.   


The theoretician
of lease law

He is the author of the Treatise on Commercial Leases (Traité des baux commerciaux), which has been constantly revised since its first publication in 1994. The sixth edition, incorporating the amendments resulting from the PINEL and MACRON Acts as well as the reform of the Law of Obligations, was published in December 2017. The book is prefaced by Mr. Pascal Chauvin, President of the Third Civil Chamber of the Court of Cassation. The seventh edition is in preparation.

Called upon to give lectures and teach all over France, in particular for law societies and their training schools, such as at the National School for Magistrates (École nationale de la magistrature), as well as abroad, Jean-Pierre Blatter is unanimously recognised as one of France’s leading specialists in commercial leases.

He is also the author of numerous articles and publications.


At the core
of doctrine

He was a member of the working group set up by the Minister of Justice (Garde des sceaux) for the simplification and modernisation of the system of commercial leases in 2003 and 2004. The amendments introduced by the Act of 4th August 2008 are the result of his work.

He is also the source of some of the changes made to the status of commercial leases by the Act of 22nd March 2012.

He was auditioned by the rapporteur for the Senate’s Committee on Constitutional Laws, Legislation, Universal Suffrage, Regulations and General Administration (Commission des lois constitutionnelles, de législation, du suffrage universel, du règlement et d’administration générale du Sénat), during the parliamentary work leading to the so-called “Pinel” Act of 18th June 2014, which profoundly reformed the commercial lease regime.

Jean-Pierre Blatter is Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honour (chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur), Officer of the National Order of Merit (officier de l’Ordre national du mérite) and Knight of the Order of Academic Palms (chevalier des Palmes académiques).