Residential and
professional leases

Legitimised by Jean-Pierre Blatter’s management and drafting work in the “Residential Lease” Juris-classeur since 1987, as well as by the regular participation of the firm’s members in various colloquia or seminars, the activity extends to all areas of residential leases (law of 1st September 1948, leases subject to the law of 1989), civil leases or professional leases under article 57A of the law of 23rd December 1986.

The firm is experienced in the successive laws relating to residential leases, from the 1948 law, which some lawyers still know how to practice, to the most recent collective agreements, organising subdivision sales.

The firm, which is made up of specialists in real estate law, also acts in the interests of liberal professionals holding professional or commercial leases, practising alone or in group structures.

The firm drafts leases and notices to vacate, and conducts the litigation procedures arising from rental agreements in these matters, both in connection with the performance of leases and their expiry or renewal.